Reunion Communications, Inc. offers three distinct products to help you compete and profit: 

  • wireless
  • wireline toll (including ‘unlimited’ residential product)
  • audio and web conferencing


Management Team

1Reunion’s management team has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, including prepaid experience since 1995 in both wireline and wireless. We have aligned with major national carriers and suppliers to provide profit-making opportunities for independent ILECs and CLECs.


2Reunion has operated in a competitive high-churn environment for eleven years, and understanding end user mindset is one of our key strengths. We have always offered products designed for clients who wish to create margin opportunities, reduce risk and reduce erosion from churn.


3Our mission is to help you broaden your revenue base, increase your customer count, improve the lifecycle of a customer – and produce higher profits for you.

How to Learn More

Contact Mark Widbin, President,
630.243.7414 x14
or via email;